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Targeted Cupping Therapy

Targeted Cupping Therapy

Information about cupping therapy and treatment dates with Astrid Paul at Gesundheitshotel Spanberger.

F.X. Mayr-Kur


15. – 17. Oct. 2021

8. – 10. Dec. 2021

Further dates on request!


Targeted cupping therapy according to Dr. Heber

The "healing art of cupping therapy" is an ancient field of human knowledge that is concurrently undergoing a renaissance. It is a natural way, without side effects, to support the self-regulatory mechanisms of the human organism.
Indications include:

  • prophylactic harmonization of the body's own self-regulatory processes  
  • acute or chronic complaints of the musculoskeletal system  
  • alleviation of symptoms associated with injury (hematoma, swelling, inflammation)
  • pre-/post-surgery to promote a healing process free of complications 
  • general optimization and stimulation of vital metabolic processes 
  • optimization of therapeutic cleansing processes (e.g. detox according to F. X. Mayr)
  • internal conditions (such as asthma, COPD, cardiovascular complaints)

Further information & prices

Gisela Anteria Günther

Astrid Paul

General practitioner with an emphasis in holistic medicine:

  • physiological-energetic relief by means of targeted cupping therapy (according to Dr. Roland G. Heber)
  • spiritual-emotional process therapy (according to Dr. Roland G. Heber)
  • detox by means of dietary approaches & targeted cupping therapy
  • naturopathy
  • acupuncture
  • Learn more here: www.holintmed.at

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