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Dr. Astrid Paul

F.X. Mayr-Kur

09. – 10. April 2021

23. – 25. May 2021

30. July – 01. August 2021

01. – 03. October 2021

08. – 10. December 2021


Sunday appointments only possible before noon.

Dr. Astrid Paul


  • General Practitioner
  • Specialized in Energy Medicine: Targeted cupping therapy / Mental-emotional process work (SEP) according to Dr. R.G. Heber 
  • F.X. Mayr Medicine with many years of experience working for renowned spa hotels 
  • Holistic medicine (acupuncture/naturopathy) 


I offer my specific holistic therapy in the form of targeted cupping therapy and soul-emotional process work (SEP), which additionally promotes detoxification and is particularly suitable for all complaints of the locomotor system. 

For details please see www.holintmed.at.

Born in North Hesse (D), I have lived in Austria (Tyrol/Styria) for 13 years. Practice in Hall, Tyrol since 2019, training in targeted cupping therapy and SEP with, and long-term cooperation with Dr. R.G. Heber, Lans near Innsbruck. Individualized medical activity (Mayr and Energie Medizin) for the Hotel Spanberger since 2010. My specific therapy approaches can be ideally combined with many conventional and naturopathic therapy models.


Gesundheitshotel Spanberger | Stoderplatzl 65, A-8962 Gröbming | Phone: +43 3685 22106 0, htlspnbrgrt

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