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Aroma wraps to combat cellulite etc.!

The thermo-active effects of aroma wraps help to:

« reduce cellulite & refine the complexion »

« reduce weight & stimulate fat metabolism »

« detoxify targeted problem zones »

« accelerate removal of the body's own toxins via the lymphatic system »

« tone skin & soft tissue in treated areas »


How do aroma wraps work?

A therapist wraps the particular area of the body with bandages which have previously been soaked in lukewarm water and various aromatic oils. These are then covered by a plastic wrap and a woolen blanket. After about 40 minutes, the bandages are removed and the skin treated with a soothing gel.

This treatment raises the temperature on the surface of the skin, while dropping the temperature inside the body. This causes the body to draw nutrients from various parts of the body so as to restore its natural thermal balance. In order to stabilize the core temperature and maintain metabolism, your body burns up a lot of calories. This is why aroma-therapy wraps have also proven to be an effective form of slimming treatment. 

Targeted treatments can even cause unsightly belly fat and flabby tissue to disappear.


What are the different kinds of aroma wrap?


FRIGI Leg Wrap
These cooling wraps, soaked in an algae-camphor-menthol solution, help to cool the leg and remove blockages. Frigi wraps combat spider veins, varicose veins as well as tired, heavy and swollen legs.

Stone-Oil Wrap
The active ingredient we refer to as "stone oil" comes exclusively from Tyrol, famous for its de-acidifying and detoxifying properties. Wraps soaked in mineral oil facilitate the removal of metabolic waste products and toxins from the body.

Anti-Aging Enzyme Wrap
This wrap is immensely important for the metabolism and breakdown of fat cells. It further stimulates blood flow and removal of excess fluid.

Toning Wrap
This wrap, including a special treatment before and after, helps to tone flabby tissue and connective tissue in general.

Fat-burning and Slimming wrap
Intensely tones and reduces fat.



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