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F.X. Mayr Physicians: Diagnosis & Treatment

Medical Treatments

Medical abdominal treatment according to F. X. Mayr

Special, intensive treatment of the abdomen designed to unblock and activate the inner organs. Abdominal treatments are an essential component of any F.X. Mayr Therapy and should be conducted several times throughout the program. 20 minutes


Medical Consultations

Medical consultations are billed by time.

15 minutes

30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes






In order to administer vitamins, trace elements and other medication (the price does not include medications).

each 15,–


A rapid and effective way to replenish depleted vital substances and strengthen the immune system (the price does not include medications).

each 35,–

Neural Therapy 

Neural therapy is a procedure that can be used both for diagnosis and to provide therapy for various illnesses. In this method, effective local anesthetics are injected in order to localize complaints as well as reduce pain (the price does not include medications)



Blood, stool and urine analysis               

  Small blood sample to evaluate your mineral levels

Your blood sample will be sent by courier to a lab. We will get the results back within 3 days.




Big blood sample, stool and urine analysis 

Initial consultation with a doctor, analysis conducted by a specialized lab in Germany (Biovis), follow-up consultation & diagnosis with the doctor. The fee will vary significantly according to the patient's needs and the scope of testing.

from 298,–

Metabolic Screen

Blood is drawn for a detailed analysis of organ and cell metabolism. In this way, illnesses can be recognized early and the causes found for overweight conditions. After discussing the results, you will receive your lab analysis including nutritional test, a brochure with recipes appropriate to your food intolerances along with tips on how to make it easier to change your eating habits.



Special Services

The following services cannot be offered on a permanent basis and are therefore subject to availability.

Targeted cupping therapy 


"Blood Cupping Therapy"

This form of therapy championed by Dr. Heber represents a renaissance of an ancient healing method commonly practiced by practically all cultures at one time or another. The skin is pricked several times with small needles at the treatment location. At this point, a cupping glass is placed on top of it, with the negative pressure removing the old, bottled-up blood. This is an effective way of healing problematic areas of tension. Today, even many professional athletes, such as swimming star Michael Phelps, rely on this form of therapy. 60 minutes


Additional cupping as needed


 Cupping Pumps

So-called cupping massages can also be conducted at home. To do so, you need the appropriate cups, a pump and a little oil. The skin is oiled, the cups placed on the skin and a negative pressure created by means of the pump. The Is then pulled carefully across the skin, producing increased blood flow that relieves tension. However, targeted use of cups for problem areas should only be administered by a therapist or doctor.

37.40 each




Acupuncture is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to open energy pathways (meridians), allowing the body's energy "Chi" to flow freely again. This helps to treat all forms of acute and chronic pain. It is an especially efficient form of treatment for musculoskeletal complaints, rheumatism, stomach, head and period pain. Acupuncture is also used for vegetative symptoms such as sleep disorders, digestive problems as well as emotional imbalance.


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