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Cellular Training IHHT – Hypoxi Hyperoxi therapy for more energy

Cellular training based on the IHHT method is a specially developed form of simulated high-altitude training, designed to improve energy management at the cellular level. The results include:

« More cellular energy »

« Greater protection from oxidative stress through stimulation of the body's own Q10 »

« Strengthen the immune system »

« Improve concentration »

« Increase physical and mental performance »

« Improve stress resistance »

« Shorten regeneration times »

« Facilitate weight loss by activating fat metabolism »

« Balance hormone production »


How does IHHT cellular training work?


Cellular training is actually very relaxed and done while lying down, with a session lasting about 50 minutes. Using a breathing mask, for a few minutes at a time you will breathe in "thin high-altitude air", in other words air that is low in oxygen (stimulation phase) alternating with air that is oxygen-rich (recuperative phase).
This highly effective physical stimulation spurs numerous biochemical processes within the mitochondria for self-healing and regeneration.

During treatment, you can enjoy watching TV, listen to music or simply take a nap.

How does IHHT help with weight loss?



Single treatment


Package of 5


Package of 10


HRV measurement

(Heart Rate Variability/stress index)


Oxygen mask


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