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Cellular Training IHHT – Hypoxi Hyperoxi therapy for more energy

Cellular training based on the IHHT method is a specially developed form of simulated high-altitude training, designed to improve energy management at the cellular level. The results include:

« More cellular energy »

« Greater protection from oxidative stress through stimulation of the body's own Q10 »

« Strengthen the immune system »

« Improve concentration »

« Increase physical and mental performance »

« Improve stress resistance »

« Shorten regeneration times »

« Facilitate weight loss by activating fat metabolism »

« Balance hormone production »

Why a lack of oxygen stimulates our cell power plants

Our body consists of about 70 trillion cells. Each of them contains numerous tiny power plants, the mitochondria: they provide the energy for every smallest biochemical step in our metabolic processes - that is, for our lives!

The mitochondria are very sensitive and more susceptible than normal cells for so-called oxygen radicals. These are caused by aging processes, but also by oxidative stress without adequate regeneration, due to smoking, tight deadlines, sensory overload and shortened sleep times. Damaged mitochondria can not produce so much energy. 

The targeted use of altitude air triggers a short-term oxygen deficiency stimulation in the cells, which enormously increases the body's own adaptation and self-healing processes. Thus, "damaged" mitochondria are retired by the increased burden and multiply the powerful mitochondria, leading to improved energy supply and slowing of the cellular aging process.


How does IHHT cellular training work?


Cellular training is actually very relaxed and done while lying down, with a session lasting about 50 minutes. Using a breathing mask, for a few minutes at a time you will breathe in "thin high-altitude air", in other words air that is low in oxygen (stimulation phase) alternating with air that is oxygen-rich (recuperative phase).
This highly effective physical stimulation spurs numerous biochemical processes within the mitochondria for self-healing and regeneration.

During treatment, you can enjoy watching TV, listen to music or simply take a nap.

Total exercise time is safely accompanied by monitoring of oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, and real-time Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
IHHT training uses controlled training hypoxia (9-17% oxygen) and hyperoxia (32-34% oxygen) at normal air pressure intervals. Cell training is set individually for you, depending on your genetic susceptibility to hypoxia, your age, your state of training, and so on.  Although the training is done in a relaxed position, Hypoxi training can achieve the effects of the altitude training known to athletes. Experience has shown that these results remain stable for about 3 to 6 months.



Single treatment


Package of 5


Package of 10


HRV measurement

(Heart Rate Variability/stress index)


Oxygen mask


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