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Phytomer – beauty treatments from the sea

As the world's only laboratory to do so, Phytomer has managed to use a completely natural process to generate extracts from the more than 35,000 different types of algae in the sea. All of the sea's active ingredients, such as minerals, vitamins and the 104 oligo elements remain intact and are integrated into the products.

facial treatments

Anti-aging treatment

Regenerating and invigorating with a lifting effect, improves the elasticity of the epidermis. 90 minutes


Anti-aging treatment to smooth wrinkles 

110 minutes


Couperose treatment 

Couperose conditions make the fine veins around the nose and on the cheeks visible, causing them to shimmer through the surface of the skin and negatively impacting your complexion. 80 minutes


Moisturizing care – intensive hydration  

Dry skin is treated intensively with moisturizing active ingredients from the sea. 90 minutes


Eye treatment "Contour des Yeux"

Soothes and tones the eye contours, reduces rings around the eyes. 30 minutes


Eyelashes & Eyebrows 

tinting and shaping


Special treatment for the hands  

including peel, mask and massage. 30 minutes



full-body treatments


Slimming algae pack including peel  

Slimming pack also for people with iodine allergies. Refreshing and slimming full-body treatment under a heated blanket.
90 minutes


Special cellulite treatment 

Full-body treatment with self-heating sea mud to combat skin indentations, orange-peel skin etc. 90 minutes


Toning treatment "Sea Tonic Fermete"
Cooling treatment to tone and invigorate the skin. Slows the skin-aging process. 60 minutes


Bust toning "Buste Tonifant"

Regenerating and invigorating pack to improve the bust contours.


Spa peeling massage incl. body cream 

Smooths and re-mineralizes the skin. 30 minutes


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