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Robert Franz: Live a healthy life with natural nutritional supplements!

Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements are an important component of long-lasting health. At Gesundheitshotel Spanberger, this is something we have long been aware of, observing the positive effects of nutritional supplements every single day.

Naturally, the effectiveness of those supplements is a function of high quality, which is one reason we buy natural food supplements from Robert Franz and are happy to provide you with our personal insights. Nutritional supplements and modern Mayr medicine go hand-in-hand, after all, only a healthy gut is able to optimally absorb the nutrients the body needs!


Why are nutritional supplements so important?


Not without reason are supplements, in other words the targeted ingestion of valuable nutrients, one of the 4 pillars of F.X. Mayr Therapy. Especially during fasting, the body has a real need for such supplements. However, in daily life as well, nutritional supplements are a logical addition to the normal foods we eat in order to improve our overall health condition. Some of the reasons include:

1. Fruits & vegetables harvested before they are ripe contain fewer nutrients. 

Virtually all fruits and vegetables are available year-round nowadays, though only those that are fresh and harvested when ripe contain the most nutrients. Foods that have been warehoused for a long time, treated with chemicals, adversely impacted by environmental influences or harvested early due to the long supply chain, make it harder for us to get the full spectrum of nutrients we need.

2. Our hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to eat nutritiously.

It's tough to get the balanced, diverse and nutritious foods we need in the course of our daily lives. Far too often, we are much too busy, stressed or worn out in order to cook for ourselves. And let's be honest: now and then, we just need to succumb to temptations like sweets, fats or a glass of wine for our mental well-being.

3. Added physical stress requires more nutrients.

The more stress we place on our bodies, the greater energy and more nutrients we need to keep everything in healthy running order. One of the great burdens we have to cope with is, of course, stress. So, not only does our daily routine make it difficult to eat healthily, we actually need even more nutrients as a consequence. Furthermore, because of the continual stress, we also lack the time to relax and regenerate. Our bodies are also subjected to harmful environmental influences, though also healthy activities, such as sport, require more energy and thus more nutrients as well.


Nutritional supplements are not a replacement for healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, though they are an uncomplicated and non-time-consuming way to replenish our body's nutritional reserves and prevent nutritional deficiencies.


»The intestines are the root system of man.«
– Dr. F.X. Mayr


The roots of the tree provide it with all of the vital nutrients for life – if they are damaged, the whole tree suffers the consequences. Just like the tree, we absorb almost everything we need through the intestines. If they are impaired in any way, nutrients simply don't go where they are needed or to the extent they are needed. 

Only a detoxified and healthy gut is able to absorb nutrients the way it should. Which is why the ideal solution is to cleanse the gut completely with the aid of F.X. Mayr Therapy and then begin to take nutritional supplements focused on our specific needs. In this natural way, we can look forward to long-lasting good health.


Robert Franz...

... Is a health genius, philanthropist and nature lover. He is convinced that man and animal, with the help of nature and without having to resort to expensive, unhealthy chemicals, are able to remain healthy and overcome illnesses. With this attitude, he is more than happy to provoke the pharmaceutical industry – not least through his products, which are of the highest and most natural quality offered at fair prices. After all,  good health should be affordable for everyone! 

"My inexhaustible love for my fellow man, my knowledge and my unbridled energy will never rest until everyone in this world has found the pathway back from illness and suffering to a full life!" 

Pioneering natural pathways to good health

Gesundheitshotel Spanberger is an official Robert Franz Partner in Austria. His products can be bought right here at the reception or by phone. Our experienced therapists are always available for advice!

  • F.X. Mayr Therapy

    F.X. Mayr Therapy
    Pure Mayr Therapy! This package includes all of the clinical services required for Mayr Therapy as well as meals in accordance with F.X. Mayr guidelines. Excl. hotel room.
  • Detox

    Therapy package for intensive detoxification of the digestive system & body. Recommended for allergies, chronic intestinal complaints & post surgery.

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