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Additional Therapies

medicinal foot BATHS

Schiele Foot Baths

Warming foot baths with essential oils increase blood flow


Detox Foot Baths

An electrolysis foot bath with salt water to remove environmental toxins through the soles of the feet.


Package of 5 Detox Foot Baths

only valid if booked in advance



miscellaneous therapies 

Traditional Urine Analysis

Analyzes the body's metabolic status. These results are important for hunger-free weight loss and in order to develop an optimal nutritional plan.


Fact Measurement 

Determines the ratio between muscle mass, body fat and water levels.


Kneipp Treatments

Stimulate the metabolism and enhance blood flow.


Hay-Flower Wrap 

A warming wrap of fragrant hay that relieves cramping, relaxes and promotes blood circulation. The wrap is brought to your room by a therapist and applied on your bed. It soothes and helps your liver detoxify your body.


Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic field therapy involves the use of natural and man-made magnets in order to treat various physical complaints and illnesses. By stimulating the cells, the metabolism is improved and the healing process promoted.


Bio-Energetic Food Intolerance Test 

Evaluation of around 150 foods by means of a tensor, followed by nutritional counseling based on the results.


Ear Candle Therapy  

Ear candles are used to promote relaxation, remove excess wax as well as treat other ear-related problems such as ringing in the ears. The warmth of the candle flame changes the pressure within the ear, accelerating the cleansing process. 20 minutes



spiritual-emotional process therapy 

Bach Herbal-Essence Therapy

Body and soul mutually affect one another. One reason for physical ailments may be negative emotions and spiritual blockages. Bach herbal essence therapy involves an all-natural and holistic therapeutic process which aims to remove such blockages in natural ways. 90 minutes


Individual Gestalt Counseling

Unlike other therapy forms, Gestalt focuses on solving problems that are stopping me from being happy and content in the here and now. We only look at the past in so far as the past impacts our current problems. Rather than being a form of therapy, Gestalt involves more of a discussion situation in which client and counselor develop new perspectives together. 60 minutes


The Mirror Method according to Krista Kössner

This method not only allows us to discover those belief patterns which, though invalid, we have often carried around with us for many years, but also, if we want to, to get rid of them. By doing so, we make room for new and loving guiding principles that enrich our lives. 60 minutes


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