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Stoderzinken Zipline – pure adventure!

Definitely not for people who are afraid of heights: In the Styrian holiday region of Schladming-Dachstein, the biggest zipline in all of the Alps has been opened.

The Stoderzinken Zipline begins at around 1600 m above sea level and sends you down a steel cable suspended as much as 120 m above the ground. On this 2.5 km-long ride, you will reach speeds of as much as 115 km/h.

This zipline is unique in all of Europe. It's all about nerve-tingling excitement and an adrenaline kick hand-in-hand with high safety standards. Your speed is regulated by means of wear-free eddy-current brakes. Also meaning that you will be able to break gently just prior to the end of the ride. 30 kg lightweights can rely on them completely, as can sturdier pilots weighing as much as 125 kg.

Further information at www.zipline.at


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