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"Design Room Large"

Modern chalet style with freestanding bathtub and antique furniture, or how about a hint of Marrakesh in powerful colors and with a sunny loggia? Actually, our two "Design Room Large" rooms can barely be compared in terms of style, yet both manage to bring together comfortable luxury, offbeat design and a spacious lifestyle.

Room 29: traditional meets modern

Opposites attract – The combination of valuable antiques and old wooden beams with contemporary designer pieces by USM Haller, Occhio and Gervasoni, makes this room a living space that unites modern with cozy. Wallpaper with a fur look, red loden fabric and playful curtains by Josef Frank provide an even greater sense of coziness. 

The absolute highlight: The freestanding bathtub by Philippe Starck allows you to relish the soothing warmth as you spend your evening in front of a 40-inch TV (including Blu-ray player) or leafing through a good book.

In addition to that, the hypoallergenic bed by TRECA and the modern bathroom fixtures by Philippe Starck promise even more luxurious comfort. At 48 m²,  No. 29 is one of our biggest rooms and everybody's favorite – we have never experienced a guest who didn't fall in love with this room immediately.

Room 32: Marrakesh in the Alps

The refreshing fragrance of pine and imposing views of the Grimming – and yet at the same time, feel a little like you are in one of those luxurious Riads of Marrakesh. The colorful velvet, warm natural-stone flooring and, above all, the wallpaper by Élitis, with its extraordinary pattern and powerful colors, as well as occasional Istanbul antiques create a cheerful, oriental atmosphere. Modern designer pieces and a bath by Alessi add finishing touches to the complete picture.

Due to the positive effects of the carefully restored pine furniture on the room climate, plus a hypoallergenic bed by TRECA and the opportunity to disconnect your room from the electrical mains, this room is ideal for a healthy night's sleep.

The loggia, which is protected from the eyes of passersby, faces east. Though even if the weather outside is cold, you can still enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains from right there in your freestanding bathtub.


Single occupancy € 209,– | Double occupancy € 249,–

Rooms Nos. 29, 32


If you book for 14 nights or longer, we give you one night free; book for 21 nights or more and receive 2 free nights as our special thank-you.

  • F.X. Mayr Therapy

    F.X. Mayr Therapy
    Pure Mayr Therapy! This package includes all of the clinical services required for Mayr Therapy as well as meals in accordance with F.X. Mayr guidelines. Excl. hotel room.
  • Prevention

    Therapy package for long-lasting preventative healthcare & to strengthen the immune system.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival should be by 6 p.m. You will then be offered a tour of the hotel and discuss the info folder along with daily schedules for your stay with us. The reception desk is staffed until 9 p.m. If you expect to arrive later, please notify us so we can leave a key for you.

We suggest departing until 12 p.m. This will give you the opportunity to do a little shopping in the morning, quietly pack your suitcase and leave for home without putting yourself under any unnecessary stress.


Our room prices include the following hotel services:

  • breakfast
  • your personal daily newspaper
  • shoe-cleaning service
  • basic laundry service
  • use of the solid-wood organic sauna and infrared cabin 
  • spa robe & Terry slippers
  • reenergized Grander water
  • WiFi & TV
  • pick-up from the train stations in Gröbming, Schladming & Stainach-Irdning

Gesundheitshotel Spanberger | Stoderplatzl 65, A-8962 Gröbming | Phone: +43 3685 22106 0, htlspnbrgrt

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