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Design Room Medium

Live in the lap of luxury high above the rooftops of Gröbming, regenerate in the "green room" with chic retro furniture or relax with casual Japanese style and an extravagant shower for two.

Room 15: Japanese style & lots of coziness

A reading chair full of lucky dragons, a solid wood bed without metal and high-quality materials such as velvet and silk in orange & turquoise invite you to feel good.

The highlight for many: the rain shower in the living room with Kneipp hose and lots of space - for lovers and wallowers.

The orange wallpaper also ensures a good mood. It's design is inspired by Hokusai's artwork "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". The painting is considered one of the world's most famous works of Japanese art with numerous replicas, especially in the Art Nouveau style in Europe.

Together with our antique Art Nouveau furniture it creates a harmonious room, which is very popular not only by its design, but above all because of its cosiness and the spacious living room.

Room 25: Green, green, green,... Retro meets nature

Green colour tones in the room provide peace and security, but at the same time have a refreshing character. The colour is considered to promote creativity and awakens positive vibrations. In colour therapy, green stands for growth, healing, balance, harmony, mercy, hope, health - a perfect colour for a health holiday, so to speak.

The extravagant floral wallpaper by Designers Guild is the heart of our green room. Chic furniture in retro and industrial style provides the right coolness and the huge green velvet couch not only looks classy, but also invites you to relax - be it with a good book or with the help of the large flatscreen TV.

The beautiful antique desk grounds the room and offers plenty of space for those who want to work and/or give free rein to their creativity during the Mayr cure.

Practical bonus: Many guests, especially couples, appreciate the separate sleeping and living area.

Room 31: French lifestyle high above the rooftops

Romantic Parisien chic and warm velvet meet charming designer pieces and a modern Alessi bath.

The loggia, perfectly obscured from the eyes of passersby, brings you the warm afternoon sun and wonderful views of the surrounding mountains as well as the church in Gröbming.

In addition to the striking French wallpaper by Élitis and the luxurious velvet, in Room 31 you will also find modern designer pieces by Occhio, USM Haller & Arne Jacobsen, as you will vintage furniture such as a 1960s table lamp and an antique chess table. The hypoallergenic bed by TRECA and the option to disconnect from the electrical mains also do their part to contribute to what is certain to be a healthy night's sleep.

With boundless attention to every detail and the inspiration from several different Parisien boutique hotels, we were able to create a special room that brings the romantic French lifestyle all the way to Gröbming.


Single occupancy € 169,– | Double occupancy € 199,–

Room No. 15, 28, 31


If you book for 14 nights or longer, we give you one night free; book for 21 nights or more and receive 2 free nights as our special thank-you.

  • F.X. Mayr Therapy

    F.X. Mayr Therapy
    Pure Mayr Therapy! This package includes all of the clinical services required for Mayr Therapy as well as meals in accordance with F.X. Mayr guidelines. Excl. hotel room.
  • Therapy Package "Small"

    Therapy Package "Small"
    Classic therapy package to accompany the Mayr program with a small, though excellent selection of therapies.
  • Detox

    Therapy package for intensive detoxification of the digestive system & body. Recommended for allergies, chronic intestinal complaints & post surgery.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival should be by 6 p.m. You will then be offered a tour of the hotel and discuss the info folder along with daily schedules for your stay with us. The reception desk is staffed until 9 p.m. If you expect to arrive later, please notify us so we can leave a key for you.

We suggest departing until 12 p.m. This will give you the opportunity to do a little shopping in the morning, quietly pack your suitcase and leave for home without putting yourself under any unnecessary stress.


Our room prices include the following hotel services:

  • breakfast
  • your personal daily newspaper
  • shoe-cleaning service
  • basic laundry service
  • use of the solid-wood organic sauna and infrared cabin 
  • spa robe & Terry slippers
  • reenergized Grander water
  • WiFi & TV
  • pick-up from the train stations in Gröbming, Schladming & Stainach-Irdning

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