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Design Room Small

These two charming single rooms are precious gems in their own right.

The highlight: a canopy bed of apple-green silk together with pink and turquoise – for princesses and princes!

The pink room 27 is, despite its size, worthy of a princess, surprising with many playful details in a small space. An ornate clothes stand, pink chairs, a baroque golden frame & mirror, a small marble bathtub, a comfy reading chair and a small desk by the window with view of the church – what more could a girl's heart desire?

The turquoise-green room 26 isn't just pretty to look at, it also does something good for anybody who stays there: the solid-wood pine furniture creates a healthy climate and promises a restful night's sleep. And anyone who thinks that turquoise and apple green would make a room feel cool, they couldn't be more wrong: creamy white, warm wood tones and a snuggly sheepskin provide for soothing  coziness. The only "cool" aspect to this room is the fact that it faces north, which certainly gives it a special advantage come summertime.


Single occupancy € 103,–

Room No. 26, 27


If you book for 13 nights or longer, we give you one night free; book for 20 nights or more and receive 2 free nights as our special thank-you.

  • F.X. Mayr Therapy

    F.X. Mayr Therapy
    Pure Mayr Therapy! This package includes all of the clinical services required for Mayr Therapy as well as meals in accordance with F.X. Mayr guidelines.
  • Prevention

    Therapy package for long-lasting preventative healthcare & to strengthen the immune system.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival should be by 6 p.m. on Sunday. You will then be offered a tour of the hotel and discuss the info folder along with daily schedules for your stay with us. The reception desk is staffed until 9 p.m. If you expect to arrive later, please notify us so we can leave a key for you.

We suggest departing right after lunch on Saturday. This will give you the opportunity to do a little shopping in the morning, quietly pack your suitcase and leave for home without putting yourself under any unnecessary stress.


Our room prices include the following hotel services:

  • breakfast
  • your personal daily newspaper
  • shoe-cleaning service
  • basic laundry service
  • use of the solid-wood organic sauna and infrared cabin 
  • spa robe & Terry slippers
  • reenergized Grander water
  • WiFi & TV
  • pick-up from the train stations in Gröbming, Schladming & Stainach-Irdning

Gesundheitshotel Spanberger | Stoderplatzl 65, A-8962 Gröbming | Phone: +43 3685 22106 0, htlspnbrgrt

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