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Design Room Small

These three charming single rooms are precious gems in their own right.

Many details in a small space provide a feel-good atmosphere - for princesses, vintage hearts and "pine sleepers"! 

The Ritz-Paris-room 18 is worthy of a princess with its golden velvet, fine wallpaper, very quiet position to the north and cozy box spring bed. Its furniture originates from the legendary Hotel Ritz Paris and has already seen lots of celebrities there. If you want to live like Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway or Lady Diana, check in here.

The rose-colored room 19 makes vintage hearts beat faster: a retro wingback chair with 60ies coffee table, playful lamps, old cherry wood furniture and design classics like Arne Jacobsen's ant make this quiet room a cozy retreat. As a bonus, a special bathroom provides a good mood: the ancient Greeks called it stone of the gods, no two parts are alike. "Sölker marble" is one of the highest quality marbles in the world and is mined less than 10 km away.

The stone pine room no. 23 not only creates a good mood with its colorful design wallpaper and the colorful bathroom. You can feel the unique room climate as soon as you enter: antique stone pine furniture and a high-quality new stone pine bed give the room a special scent and ensure that the body demonstrably regenerates better during sleep. A scientific study was able to show that sleep in a stone pine bed was not only subjectively classified as more restful, but was also associated with a heart rate that was 3500 beats lower. This allows the organism to save up to one hour of cardiac work per day. In addition, there is a better general well-being and longer deep sleep phases.

The turquoise-green room 26 with canopy bed isn't just pretty to look at, but also ensures healthy sleep with the help of the stone pine furniture. And anyone who thinks that turquoise and apple green would make a room feel cool, they couldn't be more wrong: creamy white, warm wood tones and a snuggly sheepskin provide for soothing  coziness. The only "cool" aspect to this room is the fact that it faces north, which certainly gives it a special advantage come summertime.


Single occupancy € 109,–

Room No. 18, 19, 23, 26


If you book for 14 nights or longer, we give you one night free; book for 21 nights or more and receive 2 free nights as our special thank-you.

  • F.X. Mayr Therapy

    F.X. Mayr Therapy
    Pure Mayr Therapy! This package includes all of the clinical services required for Mayr Therapy as well as meals in accordance with F.X. Mayr guidelines. Excl. hotel room.
  • Therapy Package "Medium"

    Therapy Package "Medium"
    Classic therapy package to accompany the Mayr program with a balanced selection of therapies throughout the week.
  • Be Beautiful

    Be Beautiful
    Therapy package with cosmetic treatments. Feel good in your own skin!

Arrival and Departure

Arrival should be by 6 p.m. You will then be offered a tour of the hotel and discuss the info folder along with daily schedules for your stay with us. The reception desk is staffed until 9 p.m. If you expect to arrive later, please notify us so we can leave a key for you.

We suggest departing until 12 p.m. This will give you the opportunity to do a little shopping in the morning, quietly pack your suitcase and leave for home without putting yourself under any unnecessary stress.


Our room prices include the following hotel services:

  • breakfast
  • your personal daily newspaper
  • shoe-cleaning service
  • basic laundry service
  • use of the solid-wood organic sauna and infrared cabin 
  • spa robe & Terry slippers
  • reenergized Grander water
  • WiFi & TV
  • pick-up from the train stations in Gröbming, Schladming & Stainach-Irdning

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