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F.X. Mayr Gourmet Diet

Our Gourmet Diet was developed at Gesundheitshotel Spanberger in friendly cooperation with creative top chef Didi Dorner.

All of the recipes follow Dr. F.X. Mayr's nutritional guidelines, are exclusively dairy- and wheat-free, are easy to digest and have long-term benefits for your health.

Good health and good food are not a contradiction in terms!

Our Gourmet Diet is not your standard »light« diet, and far from bland!

The recipe for success is based – just like our other dietary approaches – on the nutritional teachings of Dr. F.X. Mayr himself.

Although our dietary cuisine has been expanded and refined in consultation with physicians for a number of years, it was in friendly cooperation with Didi Dorner that we truly managed to kick our existing recipes up an extra notch, further developing the flavor of our recipes and adding even more creative ideas, all within the framework of our » Gourmet Diet «.

Here, the focus is on flavorful vegetable dishes, as well as fish and meat prepared so as to be easily digestible. Good news for sweet-tooths: our typical gourmet diet menu also includes, in addition to soup and a main course, a healthy dessert.


At the time we collaborated, gourmet chef Didi Dorner had received the following distinctions:

« 3 Gault Millau toques »

« 1 Michelin star »

« 4* in à la carte »

All of the dishes are prepared for you individually during Mayr Therapy – if you then continue to make them for yourself at home, you further guarantee the long-term health benefits of your treatment program.

During Mayr Therapy, we also offer you a cooking course that will teach you how to eat healthily and be kind to your intestines as an automatic part of your daily routine. To that end, we have put together a recipe collection that you are welcome to purchase from us.

Gesundheitshotel Spanberger | Stoderplatzl 65, A-8962 Gröbming | Phone: +43 3685 22106 0, htlspnbrgrt

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