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Dr. F.X. Mayr Birthplace – The Original.

Classic F.X. Mayr medicine is the basis of what we do. No wonder – ingenious physician Dr. F.X. Mayr was born right here in this house in 1875. Today, modern Mayr medicine consists of diagnosis and treatment according to Dr. F.X. Mayr principles as well as the very latest scientific findings – the combination of academic medicine and natural healing results in what is a holistic healing concept.


» The strength of a tree does not lie in its branches and twigs, but rather in its roots. «

– Dr. F.X. Mayr


Dr. F.X. Mayr recognized that a healthy gut, and consequently the right nutrition and digestion, is the basis for physical, spiritual and mental health. He developed a sensitive diagnostic tool that took into account divergences from an optimal health condition, even long before illnesses manifested themselves. His therapy method is based on resting, cleansing and  training the digestive system.

To a substantial degree, modern neurogastroenterology confirms the thinking of Dr. F.X. Mayr. Books published at the end of the 1990s, including "The Gut, the Second Brain" and "The Clever Guts" by Emerald Meyer and Michael Gershon provided further scientific support to Dr. F.X. Mayr's theories.


F.X. Mayr medicine in the 21st century


Illnesses and functional disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract have been shown in recent years to be a significant cause for most diseases associated with modern civilization. They require a holistic healing concept that treats both the symptoms as well as the causes. Based on the approaches to diagnosis and therapy pioneered by Dr. F. X. Mayr, modern Mayr medicine meets these needs in the form of its "MayrPrevent®" concept.


Unfortunately, in today's world there is practically no one with a truly healthy digestive tract. As a rule, we eat far too quickly, too much, too often, at the wrong time and amid the stresses of a flood of daily stimuli.

As a consequence, the gastrointestinal tract is overburdened, becomes dysfunctional and nutrients are not broken down by the body as they should be. The resulting "intestinal auto intoxication" is the cause for a wide variety of illnesses and complaints.


F.X. Mayr Therapy regenerates the gastrointestinal tract to such a degree that it is once again able to fully digest all the valuable components of healthy nutrition and absorb them. Furthermore, correct eating habits are trained, while the entire body is liberated from endotoxins as well as pathogenic metabolites.


Since 1995 we have been treating

... successfully, together with our team of physicians and therapists, people with a wide variety of health problems. Always conscious of our origins, we constantly strive to keep developing and growing – we are happy to say that Mayr medicine has done itself proud as it has stepped into the modern era.

Mayr Therapy – manual abdominal massage

Our network of physicians for your well-being


We are committed to providing the best possible treatment for our therapy guests. We offer you a network of physicians with different fields of specialization and thus a wide range of medical expertise. Furthermore, there is extensive cooperation with practicing international F.X. Mayr doctors. As a consequence, you can rely on sustained, long-lasting consultation and support even long after your therapy with us is over.

In cooperation with the International Society of F.X. Mayr Preventive Physicians, once a year interested doctors come to our house for professional training to enhance their F.X. Mayr medical expertise, as well as participate in an annual symposium with renowned scientists from around the world.


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