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Outpatient F.X. Mayr Therapy: There's nowhere like home!

Whether you are a local or a visitor – everyone is welcome to enjoy the benefits of outpatient F.X. Mayr Therapy. Only the therapies take place at the hotel, while the fasting can be done at home in a family setting and integrated into the rest of your daily routine. We will provide support and assistance, of course, for the entire duration of your therapy program.

If you prefer not to cook for yourself during therapy, you always have the option of eating lunch here with us or taking our breakfast packages to enjoy at home.

Outpatient Mayr Therapy


  • Initial checkup and medical history
  • Creation of your personal dietary plan
  • 2 fat measurements
  • 2 urine analysEs
  • 6 manual abdominal treatments 
  • End-of-therapy checkup

€ 699

Mayr info, cooking talks, presentations by physicians etc. are all included in the price.


Duration 2 to 3 weeks

Various extras such as alkalizing powder, Epsom salts, dietary biscuits, teas, vegetable broths, goat products and lunch are charged separately based on consumption.


In addition to outpatient therapy, you are welcome to book all of our therapies individually or as part of our special packages.

Should you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to phone us! We are happy to provide every guest with individual consultation and will plan your Mayr Therapy appropriate to your wishes & goals.

  • Therapy Package "Small"

    Therapy Package "Small"
    Classic therapy package to accompany the Mayr program with a small, though excellent selection of therapies.
  • More Energy

    More Energy
    Therapy package for more energy in your daily life, improved performance and muscle growth!
  • Agile

    Therapy package to treat the musculoskeletal system – feel loose from head to toe!

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