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What is Mayr Therapy?

Mayr Therapy focuses mainly on treatment of the intestines, since digestive and metabolic complaints are the cause for a wide variety of Illnesses and disorders. That said, Mayr Therapy is based on 4 pillars.

1. Rest
for the intestines through fasting and foods that are gentle on the system

2. Cleansing
of the intestines by means of water, bitter salts and manual treatments of the abdomen 

3. Training
to learn healthy eating habits 

4. Supplementing
to provide additional essential vitamins and nutrients


Day in and day out, our intestines remove the majority of metabolic waste products from our bodies.

Mayr Therapy focuses on the gut, because our intestines remove most metabolic waste products from our body each and every day. Due to its function and importance, academic medicine often refers to the gut as the body's "second brain", not least because it is also closely connected to the immune system. Gut flora, in other words all the microorganisms that inhabit our intestines, fulfill a wide range of important functions such as:

« digestion & utilization of nutrients  »
« formation of vitamins »
« protection from aggressive harmful substances  »
« protection from infection »

If the gut flora is weakened, so is our immune system and thus our entire body. The result: We feel sickly, lack energy and are susceptible to countless illnesses. Chronic digestive and metabolic disorders in our intestines are the true cause for many physical as well as mental complaints. Most of those can be cured simply and naturally by treating the intestines.

Today, Mayr Therapy is basically a modern recharging station for an active and healthy life. The program begins with a checkup from a doctor. With the help of precise diagnosis based on the principles set forth by Dr. F.X. Mayr, physician and patient collaborate in developing a clear picture of the current condition of the patient's internal organs. Based on the diagnosis, an individual therapy program is developed that follows the 4 healing principles of F.X. Mayr.

1. REST as a form of regeneration

Rest – focusing on a specific part of the body that has been afflicted in some way –  is the most important and overriding principle of Mayr Therapy and is generally regarded – both by academic medicine as well as naturopathy – as especially important for the healing process.
Two aspects of Therapy Mayr have particularly soothing and beneficial effects on the entire digestive system.

2 forms of rest for the gut

2 types of rest

1. The way food is ingested 
On the one hand, intensive chewing and insalivation already begins to break down food in the mouth, relieving intestines of some of the work they have to perform in the digestion process. On the other hand, avoiding between-meal snacks as well as solid foods in the evening also makes life easier for the intestines.

2. Choosing the right foods that should neither cause too much flatulence nor over tax the body.


However, the "rest" principle during Mayr Therapy doesn't only apply to the digestive system, but also to the body as a whole. It also encompasses the mind and psyche. Only this holistic approach to body, mind and spirit makes regeneration possible.

2. CLEANSING as a therapy principle

Our body is created in such a way that a healthy gut is able to cleanse itself.
If, however, the digestive tract and gut flora are weakened, for example due to unhealthy nutrition or medications, this might easily lead to a so-called "lazy gut" that can no longer clean itself and accumulates more and more corrosive toxins and other harmful substances. The first consequences of this are often a distended abdomen, a general sense of discomfort and fatigue. Subsequently, uncleansed intestines may result in various chronic illnesses such as Leaky Gut Syndrom.

The goal of this therapy principle is, therefore, to give the gut a thorough cleansing as well as to restore its innate ability to cleanse itself. This cleansing is conducted by means of a saline bowel rinse (acting as a laxative), drinking therapy as well as manual and physical treatment methods.

3. TRAINING – the art of eating correctly

» We are here to learn how to eat correctly, and not to fast «, Mayr emphasized throughout his life.
This mainly involves learning how to concentrate on chewing and to chew slowly, to take in plenty of liquids and recognize when our body is telling us it has had enough to eat.
We work on these healthy eating skills in the course of Mayr Therapy in order to achieve long-lasting improvements in our eating habits that continue long after we have returned home.

4. SUPPLEMENTING as a healing principle

Quite simply, supplementing involves providing the body with vital substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc., thus combating and preventing any deficiency symptoms. This is necessary for most people since, on the one hand, the steadily growing stresses of daily life result in an increased need for those vital substances. On the other, an ailing digestive tract is no longer able to absorb all the nutrients it needs.



... above all of simultaneously resting & cleansing the intestines. A central role in this is played by correct nutrition according to Dr. F.X. Mayr principles, manipulation of the gut by means of manual abdominal massages, plus supplementation of valuable nutrients in order to strengthen the organism as a whole.

In addition, the underlying benefits of therapy are enhanced by means of a variety of individually tailored therapies.

manual abdominal massage

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