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What will Mayr Therapy do for me?

Mayr Therapy detoxifies the entire body and thoroughly regenerates the intestines. It is a natural fountain of youth, either healing completely or significantly improving a wide range of health complaints. The vitality which results doesn't merely express itself in the fact you feel younger, but also that you look fresher, healthier and rejuvenated.

Likewise, a number of symptoms you wouldn't normally associate with the stomach and abdominal area, such as fatigue, stress, nervousness, depression, migraines, hormonal problems, heart complaints, high blood pressure etc., can be positively influenced by Mayr Therapy.

One beautiful side effect of Dr. F.X. Mayr fasting is also weight loss. In this case, we are talking about a healthy form of weight reduction since Mayr Therapy, in comparison to other diets, doesn't just involve shedding pounds, but also improving your health as a whole. The dreaded "yo-yo effect" isn't an issue because, at the same time you are fasting, you are also learning to eat correctly.

Mayr Therapy also plays an important role as a form of cellulitis treatment, since it directly affects the hormone balance, reducing fat deposits in precisely those places where they are least desirable. Furthermore, because the body is detoxified as a whole, your entire skin complexion improves as a consequence.

After Mayr Therapy, you will return to your job and daily life physically and mentally fit. You will cut back on sick days, be able to handle every-day stresses effortlessly and increase your creativity in your workplace.

  • Agile

    Therapy package to treat the musculoskeletal system – feel loose from head to toe!
  • More Energy

    More Energy
    Therapy package for more energy in your daily life, improved performance and muscle growth!
  • Stress-free

    Therapy package to treat stress & mental overload. Pure relaxation!

Gesundheitshotel Spanberger | Stoderplatzl 65, A-8962 Gröbming | Phone: +43 3685 22106 0, htlspnbrgrt

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