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Fasting according to F.X. Mayr guidelines: enjoyment & variety instead of milk & bread rolls

Milk and bread rolls might have been what it was all about many years ago. But today, Mayr Therapy incorporates a wide variety of healthy and delicious foods. The various forms of diet are custom-tailored at the beginning of therapy based on your health condition, food intolerances as well as your wishes/goals. In general, we begin with a more intensive form of fasting, gradually expanding your meal plan over time. Depending on the intensity, Mayr Therapy involves 5 different diets:

1. Tea- or therapeutic fasting according to F.X. Mayr

2. Learning to chew correctly according to F.X. Mayr

3. Expanded diet & thickened vegetable broths

4. Mild, gentle transitional diet

5. Gourmet diet


One rule applies to everything we do: If you fast the right way, you won't get hungry!


The milk-bread roll cliché

Nowadays, very few people are truly able to tolerate milk and wheat – very different from back in F.X. Mayr's time. Back in those days, milk was still delivered fresh from the farm and (unpasteurized) provided the person who was fasting with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Bread rolls, without any additives or genetically manipulated wheat, was mainly use to create the right consistency to learn how to chew correctly.

Today, we substitute this basic idea with a variety of individually tailored foods – including goat yogurt, all kinds of vegetables as well as buckwheat and quinoa. Each guest has their own dietary plan adapted to their personal nutritional intolerances, goals and health condition.

The only thing that remains from "milk & bread rolls" in Mayr Therapy is its 100-year-old image.


Dietary forms during Mayr Therapy

The following points provide a brief overview of the different dietary forms used during Mayr Therapy. In principle, one builds upon another, meaning that your therapy begins with a more intensive form of fasting (based on your health condition) and is then expanded step-by-step. However, it is also possible to integrate The "Mild Transitional Diet" as well as the "Gourmet Diet" throughout your therapy program.

The precise forms of diet are individually adapted to each guest in consultation with our doctor.


1. Tea- or therapeutic fasting according to oder F.X. Mayr

Teas made from fresh alpine herbs, vegetable broths as well as mountain spring water are the foundation for this intensive dietary form. This represents classic, strict fasting without any solid foods.

The necessary nutrients and feeling of satiation are supplied by the teas and vegetable broths.

Nowadays, tea fasting is only conducted if your health condition permits and only lasts for a few days.

2. Learning to chew correctly according to F.X. Mayr

2 times a day this will create a pleasant feeling of satiation.

Goat yogurt from an organic farm, specially prepared bread rolls, teas of medicinal herbs as well as vegetable broth are the basis for this intensive element of the program. Alternatives are provided for those guests who have an intolerance for goat milk. The bread rolls help to teach you how to chew correctly and stimulate the salivary glands.

3. Expanded diet & thickened vegetable broths

Here, in order to help you work on your chewing techniques, you are offered additional forms of protein such as curd and goat cheese, tasty vegetable-base soups, spreads, cereal porridge etc.

Various vegetable soups – spooned & chewed slowly – provide for a long-lasting feeling of satiation.

4. Mild, gentle transitional diet

A  form of diet that is gentle on your digestive system, consisting of natural, high-quality foods.

To begin with, the focus is on gently prepared organic vegetables that do not cause any stomach flatulence – both in soup form as well as for main dishes. Gradually, the vegetables on your menu are supplemented with carbohydrates, meat and fish.

This form of diet is particularly suitable for very thin people who frequently suffer from severe stomach-bowel issues, and who therefore require a treatment and cleansing of the digestive tract that gets down to the root causes.

5. The Gourmet Diet

Our Gourmet Diet unites the nutritional guidelines of Mayr Therapy with the creative culinary craftsmanship of top chef Didi Dorner. In friendly cooperation, we refined our existing dietary recipes and developed new dishes.

The focus is on delicious vegetable dishes along with fish and meat prepared in ways that are gentle on the digestive system.

A special treat for sweet-tooths: In addition to soup and a main course, our Gourmet Diet also includes a healthy dessert.

Every week, our cooking talks provide you with many recipes and tips for continued healthy nutrition. And for after your return home, we have compiled the most important and best recipes for you in our recipe collection, which you are welcome to buy from us at your convenience.

You can see a few recipes from our Gourmet Diet right here.


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