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Massages – relaxation & healing

Our masseurs and masseuses are outstandingly trained, providing you with classic healing massages as well as specialized massages throughout the course of your Mayr Therapy.

therapeutic massages 

Classic Massage

Often referred to as a "Swedish massage", this particular massage actually covers a wide spectrum of techniques – from light stroking motions to penetrating deep holds – ideal for relieving muscle tension, especially in the back area. 50 minutes


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle stroking motions focus only on the uppermost layers of the skin, thereby activating the lymphatic system lying directly beneath. Toxins are removed, the gastrointestinal area is stimulated and excess fluid is drained from the body. Manual lymphatic drainage is very relaxing and can be used for a multitude of conditions, including swelling, migraines, post-surgery and in order to promote wound healing. In general, this technique also helps to alleviate pain. 50 minutes


Fascial Treatment
Fascia are structures that permeate the whole body and keep it in shape. The treatment helps with targeted pressure against the bonding of tissue & pathological tension and it brings the body in balance. Especially the posture is sustainably improved. Highly recommended for cervical and lumbar problems, calf cramps and chronic migraine. 50 minutes


Soft Tissue Massage

Here, only the uppermost layers of skin are treated intensively. This stimulates blood flow, thereby relieving stubborn muscle tension (especially in the shoulder area). This technique is also ideal for people who constantly suffer from cold feet and hands. 50 minutes


Segment Massage

Stretching the muscles and using powerful handholds, this technique feels very pleasant. It is ideal for spinal problems and in order to focus on isolated problem zones (segments) of the body. 50 minutes


Foot Reflexology Massage

In this massage technique, all of the internal organs and parts of the body are ascribed to certain zones of the foot. Pressure on those individual zones generates impulses, which in turn affect the connected organs. In this way, it is possible to treat headache, discomfort associated with menstruation, general pain conditions etc. 50 minutes



Ayurveda treatments


Gentle, harmonizing full-body massage with warm, medical-grade sesame oil. 60 minutes



Deep-muscle massage with warm, medical-grade sesame oil. Very effective against tension. 60 minutes



Detoxifying full-body peel with a herb and coarse grain paste, provides major stimulation to the metabolism. 75 minutes



SpeCial massages


Lomi Lomi Massage

In traditional Hawaiian healing, Lomi Lomi is not only for relaxation, but also for the purification of body, mind and soul. It is massaged for 1.5 hours with lots of oil & flowing-rocking movements. The massage can vary in strength - both gentle / calming as well as demanding & releasing low-lying tensions.


Thai Foot Massage

The energy foot treatment stimulates the internal organs via the reflex zones and regulates the flow of energy in the body.



OMNIPATHIE® was developed from Cranio Sacral Osteopathy. It represents an energetic application for all living things. As a holistic method, OMNIPATHIE® restores the mobility of the body, activates the self-healing powers and provides relaxation at all levels. 50 minutes


Touch for Health & Kinesiology Muscle Test

Touch for Health© is one of the most common kinesiological methods. As a synthesis of Western and Far Eastern thought, it includes movement and nutritional teachings, working with reflex points on the body and elements of traditional Chinese medicine. The aim is to balance imbalances in the human energy system. If necessary, the kinesiological muscle test is used as a "biological feedback method". This is a form of the body's own communication system that makes it possible to experience what stresses and disturbs or strengthens the human biological system. 50 minutes


Spinal correction the gentle way according to McTimoney

Holistic chiropractic treatment for gentle musculoskeletal care, activation of the self-healing powers as well as for the elimination of disorders of the nervous system and blockages. A 5-year course of study (Master's degree) is required to practice this special technique. 50 minutes


Cupping (= soft-tissue detoxification)

Special cups placed on the skin create negative pressure and cause a major increase in blood flow. This in turn cleanses and detoxifies soft tissue by means of the skin. This is also an excellent way of relieving muscle tension. In contrast to so-called "blood cupping", the skin is not pricked with a needle and instead remains intact. 20 minutes


Dorn-Breuss Massage as a gentle form of spinal therapy

This treatment is ideal for various complaints affecting the spinal area. It consists of several stages: checking leg length, loosening the joints of the lower extremities, back massage with copious amounts of St. John's wort oil, magnetization by means of silk paper, energy-regulating massage, spinal pressure. 80 minutes


Thai Yoga Treatment 

This treatment takes place on a floor mat in comfortable clothing. A traditional Thai Yoga massage incorporates the energy principles of Ayurvedic medicine. Muscles, ligaments and tendons are stretched and the joints mobilized, which in turn relieves tension, brings mobility to stiff joints and corrects misalignments. At the same time, metabolic waste products in the muscles are broken down and removed. 60 minutes


Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points are sensitive areas that also trigger a pain reaction in other parts of the body. They generally result from acute or chronic stress placed on the affected muscles. Treatment of these trigger points can result in a loosening of the entire muscle group.


 Acupoint massage according to Penzel

This massage technique has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After an extensive consultation, blunt metal sticks are drawn across the the skin and thus the affected meridians below (the skin itself is not broken). As a consequence, balance is restored to the body. 75 minutes


Marnitz Massage

By treating key zones (zones within a specific nerve segment), it is possible to reduce pain and improve function in all peripheral reflex areas involving the muscle groups in question.


 Subcutaneous reflex therapy according to Häfelin

Subcutaneous reflex therapy is a type of direct soft-tissue massage that improves mobility, promotes blood flow and has reflex benefits as well. This means that the movements and grips used in the soft-tissue massage don't only benefit areas of direct contact. The reflexive side effects of this treatment may also affect other parts of the body that are connected by means of neurological pathways.


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